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Sales Policy

When making a purchase at the store, several important points must be taken into consideration.


  • The photographs of the products may vary to the description of the product, please take this point into account when making your purchase.

  • All sales are final, there are no returns or changes of products, carefully check the compatibility of the components, the support department is there to assist them and they will gladly advise you about their compatibility.

  • About the refunds within the store, by fiscal disposition at the moment of canceling a partial order or completely it is required to apply a credit note with folio, it is not possible to cancel an order after having made your deposit, the store has a term specific to get the parts in case it is sold out, you can request a purchase voucher at any time.

  • The store will reimburse in special cases the partial or complete amount of your order as long as the original invoice is delivered, the refunds are made every 15 days. This is due to the route schedule, please take this point in advance. make your purchase, you should contact a sales executive of La Pedreria Co. to see more details.

  • The stock of the store as well as its inventories are revolving, this means that it could be the case that the customer made an order and for delay to make the deposit the product could be sold out in this case the customer is entitled to a refund of his deposit, in the case of foreign orders, in the case of local orders the order will be canceled automatically, the company will cancel the order after 24 hours of the same and at the time of having the product back in stock the customer should do a new order and if there is any variation in the price, the client must cover the difference.

  • Regarding the refund of bank deposits, if for some reason the computer or ordered parts were not available for reasons beyond the company's control, the company has a maximum period of 9 days to get them, if not possible, the customer will be notified of their refund via bank deposit, in any way at the time of making your deposit the company has the obligation to notify you the day after that one of your products is out of stock and you have the option of express refund, this means you can request a refund of your money in 24 hours, after the notification you can opt for this or wait and be subject to sales policies

  • About the characteristics and the price of the products, given the case that due to human or store system error, erroneous characteristics or incorrect prices are added to the products, the store reserves the right to reimburse the cost of the product or services. products ordered via bank deposit, in the case of prices the variation may not be greater than 5% of the correct cost of the product.

  • The shipment of the products is by parcel by land, so the company commits to send the ordered goods or products within a period of no more than 48 hours after this period, the courier company will be in charge of the product (s).

  • The Company uses two parcel companies to make the shipments of their merchandise being the main FEDEX, for regional logistics reasons the services of other companies such as DHL are used, La Pedreria Co. reserves the right to send by either of these two companies .

  • At the time of making your purchase you have the option to request or not an invoice for your purchase, if you do not, you have the days of the month in the course to request it at the end of this period the company declares sales in public mode In general, after this date it is no longer possible to request it.