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How can I register?

It is easy, when you reach the site at the top you will find a link to "Enter" this link takes you to a form where you are asked for your personal information. The Personal Information is information that identifies the User and includes his name, email, address, colony, zip code, city, state, country, telephone number and fax. At the conclusion of the registration, you will be ready to make your purchases immediately.

How can I pay?

To make your payments you can make a deposit in the bank. At the moment of making the purchase, an Order number or referenced number is generated with which you can go to a bank branch to make the payment of your purchase.

How is the "Shopping Cart" used?

The "Shopping Cart" is simple to use. Once you see a product you want to buy, press the "Buy" button and it will add the product to you, and it will automatically go totaling and updating your accumulated total in your purchase.

The term "Shopping Cart" in the network, is used to simulate a shopping cart of a shopping center; In this way, you can add products to your cart until the moment you decide to make your purchase.

How can I add an item to my cart?

After having found the desired product, you only have to add it to the shopping cart, to do so follow the instructions that follow: Click on the "Buy" button to add the product. The or the products are accumulated in your "Shopping Cart" waiting for you to finish buying.

Automatically, when adding a new product to the shopping cart, the amount of one will be added, in case you would like more than one, you will only have to enter the desired quantity in the quantity box and finally press the "Update" button .

How can I buy?

After selecting all your products, you must go to the cashier to pay in this way you will be asked for your email (e-mail) and password which were previously provided by you in the registration form.

SEE CART AND PAY TO PAY: You can click on the button "Cart" which is located at the top of the site. This button will take you to see the content of your "Shopping Cart"; From there, you can return to the store to add new products if you wish or conclude with your purchase by clicking on the button "Proceed to Pay".

How I can find a product?

The site has a search system: This allows us to make a search in a visual way, through a search in the different categories and subcategories. "The site" has simple search functions that allow you to easily find the products you are looking for. Just enter the name of the product to search within the field provided in the upper left and press the "Search" button.

How can I contact a La Pedreria Co.  seller?

Contact us in:

Telefono: 8116483789

Whatsapp: 8186933778

Gonzalitos #504 local4

Col Vista Hermosa esquina con calle Canad√°

Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico